Pirate Audio - Mixed and Mangled - PIN23-03 
pirate audio sound system -Mixed and Mangled PIN23-03

  1. Cybernetic Dub Node - Gravitomagnetic Moment
  2. Krispe - Malfunkti0n
  3. Osc - Man Hangled
  4. Slijm - Wibautstraat
  5. Jack Acid - Psyck Bitch Glitch Mix
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    P.I.N.23 is proud to announce the release of the Pirate Audio Mix n Mangle compilation.

Members of the Pirate Audio Sound System collective created a group project where each member would submit 10 loops at a specified tempo, length and root key, to a group library. Then each pirate created a track using only the loops. The end results would be packaged together along with the loop library as a release.

    The outcome is our own genre, a unique sound created from junglists, techno philes and dub heads combined into a floor filling groove. We release this as a free album to the public, with the original source content for you to remix on your own.
Enjoy matey...

    Mastered by 
Aaron L. Morgan